How did the idea for BETRAYED come about?

BIO PIX -3So often I’m asked where writers get their ideas. For me, the answer is anywhere and everywhere. Most writers are very aware of what is going on around them and have a cache of memories from experiences and incidents throughout their lives--sometimes faded, sometimes vivid. BETRAYED is my 12th book, but where did the idea come from and when did it first pop into my mind?

It dates back to true incidents that happened back in the late 50s to someone we knew. For reasons unknown apparently the case did not make the newspapers in Chicago. We were living in Los Angeles by then and the details were relayed in letters to my mother. This was many, many years ago, well before I was an author. In fact, at that time I never had a clue that writing and speaking would be a phase in my life. Like many teens I really didn’t have a direction yet. As a child I’d been fascinated by mystery and when I was about 11 (back in Chicago) my friends and I formed a club with a very “creative” name. Mystery Club.

We investigated and bugged the neighbors to a point that they complained to our parents, but little sleuths that we thought we were, we continued to look for some heinous crime in the neighborhood. The two big murder cases back then in our town were “The Knife Slasher,” and “The Hammer Killer.” News was reported on the radio or on black and white TV with few stations and tiny screens. We were sure whatever we uncovered would make the news. Kids!

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